Friday, September 11, 2009

The Nuts!

Going Nutty at Baker's Cottage!!! xD

Chocolate Truffle Ice Skin Mooncake!!!

Kinda expensive for such a petite size, but it's so lip-smacking!!!

Initiated by Priya, whose celebrity's name is Pornya for being a Porn Star, who did a Facebook quiz and got nicknamed Peanut. The nuttiness expanded as Jiri started the Peanutta Peanut Butter Brand. Then, I took over the Peanut Project and turned the whole family nutty~~

Here are the nuts!!
Alien Almond Annie
Chatty Cashew Lizzie
Happy Hazel Karyn
Nutcase Macadamia Me
Peanutta Peanut Priya
Petite Pecan Amy
Peppy Pine Nut Cerlyn
Wacky Walnut Sue Ling

Here's SueLing on the shelf!!! xD And Priya the Peanut behind...

This is her human form...

The peppy Pine nut Cer Tong!!

Pornya Peanutta!!!! *'Stop the Peanutta' rings in a distant background*

This is what happens when Priya is processed.

The non-stop talking (even without a toe nail) Cashew nut.

'Why am I the cashew nut? Is it because it's not straight?'

'I have no idea. I just thought cashew sounds nice on you!! But what does the cashew nut not being straight has anything to do with you??' :3

We see nuts everywhere!!! *rofl*

Here's Karyn, who's a Ground Nut before she turned into a Hazel nut... And SueLing was eating her!!!!!

More nuts!!!!! LOL Of all the food, why nuts?

And so I'm a nutcase.
But what's wrong being a nutcase?? xP

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