Thursday, September 17, 2009


A cat was behind the bushes when we arrived!!!! And so I hurried towards it. Lovely, it didn't move when I approached. But the evil furball scurried when I ambushed moved through the bushes, an when I left, it returned to where it was before...

Argh. Evil cat.

But this kitten didn't run!!!!! xD

Nice Kitty!!!!! :3 Omg, it's so adorable!!!! It had such a pair of eyes~~~

Ok, I should be doing my statistics assignment... Annie will do no. 21 while I do no. 20. Though, I don't really understand why does it have to be a group assignment since we're supposed to tackle the questions alone during the exam... Even if Mr. Tee wants us to discuss we can still do it alone like how we did accounts for last sem...

Oh wait, why am I complaining about less homework?


Our last sem is so freaking free right now that most of us spend our time rotting at home or cultivating fungus. According to Annie, she hits the gym more than 4 times per week. And she's been there so many times that it's getting really boring for her...

As for me, I'm spending quite some time (when I say some time, I mean hours...) sitting down at the cafeteria mainly with Annie and SueBling, chatting and killing time.

Here's Annie, and the anime guy behind her. Ah, AG, why did you run when I wanted to snap your photo?? Cer Tong... You missed him again...

God, why am I now complaining about too much free time?

Deciding that consuming too much artificial flavourings from instant noodles is bad, for almost everything, I cooked Spaghetti today!!! Do you believe that I finished the whole 5-pack Tom Yam Maggi since my sis, bro, mum, aunt, nainai, and yaya hopped onto the plane to China? My maid was so excited to tell my mum about it through the phone...

Spaghetti sauce!!!

I cooked it myself, not I cooked myself~~ xD

Usually, I'd chop the tomatoes and toufu (yes, you read it, I added toufu!! :3) into fine pieces, but since it's only me, and only me, eating, alone, I'm too lazy to do that. Afterall, who cares how the food looks like when it's inside, you can't see anyway...

I love my own recipe. xP My sis loves it too!! And the fact that I'm typing this post here proves that my recipe is totally safe, and kinda healthy too~ (Veges!!!)

(Preferably roma *the type they sell in cans, I'm not too sure what's it's name* best to buy fresh, if not... grab the can tomatoes. Malaysia's tomato not suitable for spaghetti...)
(Does it really matter what meat? I used pork since it's always available in the fridge...)
(Yes, mince them!!)
(It's so out of the traditional recipe~ But it enhance the texture of the sauce!!)
(Chop them!! Boil them until they're really soft!!)
(*rofl* Another out of the blue ingredient. But it tastes really nice!! Crunchy and the rich taste of spaghetti explodes on your taste buds when you chew on it!!)
Tomato puree
(Gives the thickness and tomato-ness to the sauce!!)
(Chop it and fry!!!!)
Luncheon Meat
(When I'm desperately low on ingredients)

I'm totally spontaneous when it comes to cooking. I don't measure the quantity I throw into the pan!! xP And yes, it's just not quite possible to gather all the ingredients at the same time, so I'll just throw in whatever I can find, and every time it turns out right~~ :3

But if there's no tomato and celery/carrot (there must be at least one!!), I won't cook since it's not the way I like! :D

I've done my research on food too~ xD The first spaghetti that delighted me was the one from Dome. The chunks of tomatoes in the sauce tasted heavenly. And since then, I tried to do some on my own since *stares at wallet* I can't afford to go to Dome every time I crave for spaghetti... Plus, the ingredients are free~~ ;3

Hmm... I need to start trying to cook other things... Or else I'll be eating spaghetti everyday when I'm at Perth...

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