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Sorry for the very late post... Here's the match with Ronins~~

Again, another tough opponent.

The first game lasted for 3 minutes. Guna was out first, then Richard. But Aamos managed to kill a Ronin. 4 Maestros left facing 5 Ronins. We stayed low in a defending position, waiting for the Ronins to start their attack. When the time limit was almost up, the Ronins started their attacks. We counter attacked at once, but after some time, Brian was out. We kept ourselves alert and watch the Ronins' attacks. But still, Lucas was knocked out, leaving Je Hui and Aamos struggling on the court.

They remained on the court for quite a while, but Aamos was left alone when Je Hui was finally out. It was a gruesome fight for him. He alone had to retrieve 'ammo', defend himself and counter attack his opponents. Despite the odds, he put up a fight. At first, the Ronins attacked him one by one. But after a minute had passed, they were getting impatient and begun raining balls at him.

It all happened in a flash.

Aamos evaded 2 continuous attacks by running from one end of the court to the other end. As he sprinted to the opposite to pick up a stray ball, he ducked to dodge another attack narrowly. Another Ronin then shot him a ball, but he blocked it with his ball and charged forward to attack that Ronin.


Grabbing the opportunity, another Ronin dashed forward to ambush Aamos. By instinct, Aamos slide to the ground and rolled over to evade. But with the upper hand of having more players, a third Ronin tore across the court and leaped into the air to perform a Kamikaze. His attack missed Aamos by inches. But before Aamos could get back to his feet and defend himself, the fourth Ronin hastily rushed towards him and gave Aamos a killer shot.

Score: 1-0

Our spirits were not damped despite our lost and continued to fight rebelliously.

But the Ronins were really good. In the second game, Elizabeth was out first. We stayed low as long as we could, trying to buy time as we analyse the situation. When time's up, Aamos launched the attack, but he was knock before Marcus could run up to him to guard him. After Marcus evaded an attack, Lucas shot at the Ronin who attacked Marcus. But he jumped and dodged his attack.

Marcus then attack another Ronin who was picking up a stray ball but missed. Lucas then narrowly dodged a ball which went soaring passed inches away from his legs. Marcus was out when a Ronin hit him, leaving 3 Maestros against 6 Ronins.

Lucas aimed and shot at a Ronin, but he accidentally trod on the attack line and was out. This left Guna and Richard on the court. Both of them proceeded carefully. Guna sent a ball flying towards a Ronin and eliminated him. 5 Ronins left. Richard then attack another Ronin, the Ronin counter attacked. Richard tried to catch his ball, but the ball brushed his fingers before he could grab hold of it, he was out too.

Guna was the last one. He attacked a Ronin but missed. Another Ronin immediately seized the chance and charged towards him to perform a Kamikaze. Guna was out. The Ronins prevailed once more.

Score: 2-0

Our spirits were tainted by the fear of losing, but some encouraging words from our captain revived them. In the third game, Richard was knocked out in the first 10 seconds, but not before he killed a Ronin. Aamos swiftly knocked out the Ronin who killed Richard, making the number of players of both teams equal. As Richard exits the court, Guna fired a ball and killed another Ronin.

3 Ronins left.

Understanding the unfavourable situation, the Ronins stopped their attacks and eyed us attentively with their minds running rapidly. Not wanting to lose the game due to rashness, we remained calm and rearranged ourselves. Guna then started the attack, followed by Lucas, but both their shots missed.

With only one ball on our side, we immediately went back to our defend mode, waiting for the Ronins to attack. But Aamos made a risky decision, he charged and fired a shot towards a Ronin who was waiting to kill near the attack line. Another Ronin down.

5 Maestros versus 2 Ronins.

Finally, we were able to get hold of 2 balls. Guna fired his at a Ronin but it missed. Shortly after that, Aamos sent his ball speeding towards the same Ronin, who tried to catch it.


But the ball simply recoiled from his hands and he was out. One Ronin left.

She gathered all her balls and attacked Guna, Su Yang and Aamos who stood together at that time. But Guna successfully caught her ball and she was out!!

Score: 2-1

We re-entered the court with our spirits burning with hope and confidence after having a short meeting together.

The 4th game started off rather slow. For one whole minute, both teams exchanged few balls but none hit any players. Finally, Guna killed a Ronin, reducing the number of Ronins to 5.

But the Ronins were not sitting ducks waiting to be killed, a Ronin shot a ball at Aamos. Aamos intended to kill it but he missed and the ball killed Lucas who was behind Aamos.

5 on 5.

Both teams stopped their attacks after that, but the Ronins begun the attack when the time limit was almost up. A Ronin attacked Aamos, but Aamos blocked his ball. Richard stepped forward, intending to attack the Ronins, but he retreated on a second thought. When Guna got his hands on a ball and came to aid Richard, Richard attacked the Ronins at once without any hesitation. It knocked out an opponent, leaving 4 Ronins left.

At the same time, Guna and Su Yang ran forward, each aiming at a different opponent and shot their balls at them.

Guna's ball was blocked, Su Yang's opponent evaded his attack. Without delay, Aamos sent his ball at Su Yang's opponent. But it missed as well.

We were 'ball-less' once again. Not wasting any time, the Ronins gathered the balls and started raining balls at us. We quickly retrieved the 'dead' balls. Aamos saw a Ronin showing an opening when he was throwing his ball, not wasting the chance, he sprinted to the attack line to ambush him. Aamos' attack missed. Another Ronin seized the chance to knocked him out. But Aamos saw that Ronin charging towards himself, instinctively, he retreated backwards hastily and evaded the attack just in time. Before he could catch a breath, another Ronin fired a ball at him. Luckily, Aamos spotted his attack too and dodged it without thinking.

After a chain of attack, the Ronins seemed to have slowed down. But Guna didn't, he dashed forward and shot his ball at a Ronin and eliminated him. Not giving the Ronins any time to catch a breath, Richard fired his ball at a Ronin, but it got blocked. 2 opponent fired their balls at Su Yang together, Su Yang was killed. Seeing that one of them was near the attack line and 'ball-less', Aamos and Richard returned the favour to him. Aamos' ball hit him squarely at his chest and he was out.

4 Maestros versus 2 Ronins.

Wanting to end the game fast, Aamos threw a ball towards an opponent right after he picked it up when he spotted it after his attack. Although the opponent tried to seized it, the ball bounced off his fingers and he was out. 1 Ronin left.

We attacked the remaining Ronin continuously. But she was really good and dodged and blocked all the attacks. But the game was given a full stop when Aamos finally hit her leg after a whole minute of 4 on 1.

Score: 2-2

A decisive battle.

We were thrilled to have a come back and yet anxious at the same time. The final game started off with every player on their highest alert. Everyone was so vigilant that no one wanted to start the attack. The marshals were waving hands at us, urging us to begin attacking.

Both teams remained still until the Ronins could wait no more and launch the attack.

But they missed, Lucas quickly grab the ball and joined the shooting squad. Even though we had more balls, we still waited to prepare ourselves for the attack. After some time, Richard led the attack by shooting at a Ronin, but it missed her by inches.

Lucas then attacked the opponents but it missed as well.

By then, we were left with only 2 balls. It was our turn to stay on guard. 2 Ronins attacked us, everyone survived the attack. A ball was blocked and it bounced back to the Ronins while the other one was rolling astray on our side. It's back to 6 on 6 with equal power distribution. A Ronin attacked us, it missed again and we got another ball on our side.

The flow of the balls was so slow that even the marshals were getting impatient and kept gesturing us to throw. After a few balls was thrown, Richard knocked out a Ronin. Deciding that it was time to stop waiting, both teams attacked each other at a faster speed. Guna was out when he was hit while retreating backwards after he attacked a Ronin. Later, Lucas was out too when a Ronin caught Lucas' nearly-slip-away-from-his-hands' ball. The 'was-killed-by-Richard' Ronin immediately returned to the court gleefully while Lucas exited.

4 Maestros versus 6 Ronins.

Soon, Je Hui was out as well, leaving Aamos, Su Yang, and Richard facing a full team of Ronins. Aamos was out next, but luckily, the number of Ronins had been reduced to 5. After a long moment of fruitless attacks that lasted for at least 2 minutes, Richard and Su Yang successfully knocked out 2 Ronins, reducing their number to 3.

However, Su Yang was out as a Ronin hit him at his leg. Thus, Richard was forced to faced 3 opponents alone. Every Maestro was cheering for Richard and praying hard in their hearts. Not disappointing us, he abandoned the ball in his hands to catch the one speeding towards him.

Richard giving the ball a warm welcome!!

Instantly, Guna re-entered the battle field and joined Richard in the fight with the Maestros cheering to support them. Very much alive after his resurrection, Guna attacked the Ronins together with Richard.

As everyone was anxious and nervous to see the outcome, the game was put to a stop abruptly, the time limit for a game was up. It was a draw as both teams had 2 players alive. As a tie wasn't allow, we were instructed to have a 'Death Match'.

The rules were simple, 3 players on each team, all we need to do to win the match is to kill one opponent.

The tension of the game was so high that it was almost suffocating everyone. The 'Chosen Ones', Guna, Richard, and Aamos entered the battle arena, their eyes shining with the determination of prevailing the match.

The Death Match started off without further delay. All the players tore across the court to seize their balls and retreated promptly when they got their balls. The Ronins started the attack first, but Aamos blocked it. Aamos inched closer to the attack line and put on guard when the Ronins showed the slightest sign of attacking him. As the Ronins focused on him, Richard fired his ball at them but it missed.

The Ronins counter attacked but they missed as well. Keeping themselves cool and calm, the Maestros kept themselves in a defending position, ready for any attack. After the Ronins had a brief discussion among themselves, a Ronin attacked Aamos but he blocked the attack with his ball.

The Death Match was so intense that those not on the court were also sweating. The step-by-step ball-throwing continued slowly, but both teams still couldn't get any opponent out. The tension continued to dominate the court, until Aamos' ball hit a Ronin's leg.

For that moment, everyone seemed to freeze at the sight, our brains stopped so abruptly that we were rendered to speechless and couldn't think properly. But not the 'Chosen Ones'. Guna, Richard, and Aamos were still alert and they were waiting for what seemed like a century to them for the marshals to react.

But it seemed like the marshals were confused. At that moment, the ball did hit the Ronin's leg, but it was so low that no one could figure out whether did the ball bounced on the floor or not. Not waiting for the marshal to figure that out and the Ronins to recover from the shock, Richard fired his ball at the same Ronin who got hit by Aamos' 'survival-status-unclear' ball.

The moment the ball hit the Ronin, the marshals blew their whistles and we flooded into the court jubilantly.

Our third victory!!!!


Sorry for copying and paste from the Forum... But I just have no inspiration of rewriting the whole match for the second time...


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