Friday, April 17, 2009

Slowing Down

Time moves too fast.

Once you lost yourself in your own world, time just speed past without hesitation, not leaving any trace behind.

By the time you're back to reality, you find yourself in a different world.

Just 6 months ago, we struggled to move past SPM.

5 months ago, we celebrated our new-found freedom.

4 months ago, we debated to choose our futures.

3 months ago, everyone moved forward in a different direction.

2 months ago, we got used to our new world, somehow.

1 month ago, we gasped for air through the pores and holes in our overloaded assessments.

Now, my final is OVER, (OH YES), a semester has passed.

I'm so damn scared that I'll fail micro-econs and accounts...

Gah. Never mind that now.

I figured out, that it is time for me to slow down my steps.

So, camwhore session!!!

Here's my multi-purpose papa.

That, is one big face. XD Brother Eloise is the tallest among us and her face is the biggest. (You're not reading this Eloise, skip it)

' Xiao Huang'. And eeeekk. A ghost hand.

My whole family, excluding the dog who's taking the photo, from AK3.

*Papa is the one who loves to wear those fatherly-looking collar-T. Really complement mama as a pairing.

*Mama (besides papa) is the calm and smart one. She can do anything papa asks her to do.

*'Gogo', I enjoy mentally abuse her. :P

*Aunty Hamster (pink shirt) noticed that I brought my camera along with me everywhere and everytime.

*'Jie jie' (the last one left), is the only driver who can, and dares to drive freely as she has more than 6 months' experience, unlike some of us... We're restricted as we not only might endanger ourselves, but every other living things on the road.

Xiao Huang, you look ridiculous another victim of my evil tongue.

Taken in the cinema.

We dominated the theatre when no one was there except us.

Watched 'He's just not into you' at Sunway.

To be frank, I'm just not into that movie.

It's a story, or stories about 5 (I think) women struggling with their love life.

So, no action, no obvious villain, just 5 women complaining, crying, laughing, drinking, dating, gossiping, advising, kissing, hugging and possibly sleeping. I find that kind of thing boring. I can't stand all talking but no action...

The movie teaches a lot of interesting genders' action analysis.

It's funny at some part, but... Yalayala.

I don't like it.

Besides the love-finding drama, I can't differentiate the guys in the movie... They looked the same. I had a really hard time figuring out who's with who from the very beginning. @.@

What a waste of money to watch a movie I'm not into.

Despereaux is nicer. lol I'm still a kid at heart. :3

Annie decided to punch a hole in her ear. Others punched theirs to join the fun.

I have no guts. I know it's cool and blablabla, I wish I have too. But I find it extremely disturbing at the thought of a foreign object in my flesh.

Will try to make another post before I hop onto the plane to Kangaroo land. XD

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