Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Random Post

I'm gonna lament for Rollo... I feel really sad for him... T.T Rollo, I'll always remember you as the most sadistic character~~ *sniffs* Lelouch, please oh please, show some feelings for Rollo~~~ *sniffs again* I am sooooo gonna hit my head when that day arrives... Can't believes Code Geass's gonna end... Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

Finished Juushin Enbu... LOVED the 2nd ED~~~~~~ So nice arrrrr... Story ending a bit lousy... In the end, the bad guy- Keirou transfomred into the ultimate Maou... A bit lame...

NSW test damn tough lar~~~~ But I think I did quite well... I've checked the dic, and I got most of the 'what's-the-meaning-of-this-word-question' correct...

Komorebi no Uta is really nice... To be honest, I had to fight REAL HARD to kick this song out of my head so that I can concentrate during NSW test... XDDD Love the chorus!!

手を鳴らしましょう 貴方へ届くように
手を鳴らしましょう まだ少し足りない
手を鳴らしましょう 愛しさ込み上げて
手を鳴らしましょう このまま時が終わっても

まだ届けず終いにしていたあなたへの思いをここでSPEAK OUT!



手を鳴らしましょう まだ見えぬ世界へ
手を鳴らしましょう まだ触れぬ人達へ
手を鳴らしましょう 愛しさ込み上げて
手を鳴らしましょう このまま時が終わっても

でもそのままInside しまっておく気も一切無いから

手を鳴らしましょう あなたへ届くように
手を鳴らしましょう まだ消えぬ世界が
手を鳴らしましょう 僕らをきっと待ってる
手を鳴らしましょう このまま時が終わっても

When I lost even the birds which forgot singing fly
light took off and cried with the big voice on a tree leakage day
What also maybe entrusted to us that the morning sun illuminates, too.

Sounded Hand, as it reaches to you
Sounded Hand, still a little shy
Sounded Hand, comes loveliness
Sounded Hand, even if as it is time ends

Finished the unsent message, still had feelings for you here speak out!
Every go, everywhere, this song delivered a lift feel now!

The truth is waveringly painted and changed like a lie.
I on a chipped par and cried under the full moonlight night

There is a person who continues to live even now in us

Sounded Hand, to the world invisible yet
Sounded Hand, to the people untouched yet
Sounded Hand, comes loveliness
Sounded Hand, even if as it is time ends

Wo-to you, Wo-to you, feelings not spread I want to convey a lot -
However, as it is Inside the feeling that I close is absent
here are my feelings to you in one word

Sounded Hand, as it reaches to you
Sounded Hand, the world unfaded yet
Sounded Hand, I'm sure we are waiting for
Sounded Hand, even if as it is time ends

Quote of the Post
"He's not even YELLOW!"
by Kazu

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