Friday, July 25, 2008


ANGRY Ranting Beware!!


Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.... I HATE HIM WHEN HE DOES THAT!!!! I was forced to do some stupid lines, just because I forgot how to make his Hi-Fi function!!! Utterly ridiculous!! Not to mention a waste of time, paper and ink!!! As if I have nothing else better to do other than memorizing how to switch on his loathsome Hi-Fi!!!!

I HATE HIM!!!!!!!

'This is the last time!! If you ever forgets that again I'll whip you nicely!'

Curse him!!! I don't think he has any right to do that to me!!! Just because your my father doesn't mean that you can punish me for stupid things like that!!!

He still doesn't approve the trip! Says that it's still dangerous coz there's no adults with us... Yeah RIGHT!! If that's so, then STOP giving me false hope!!!! YOU BLOODY MORON!!! Can't you sit down and talk to me nicely instead of announcing everything with your horrid HIGH-&-MIGHTY, SUPERIOR tone????

He thought of me being a lawyer in the future... Yeah right!!!! A lawyer who doesn't know how to argue AT ALL!!!

*mutters curses under breath*

It's not the first time I've been punished for doing & unable to do something right! It seems that most of these ended up with me writing lines, grounded and yeah, whipping. Even though some times I know it's for my own good, but I just can't take it coz he's sooooooooooooooooooooo unreasonable most of the time... He never bothers to explain!! He SUCKS at family-communicating!!!

'Ah! I'm the King!! What I'm doing is for your own good! You should know!! It doesn't matters even if you don't know coz I know what I'm doing! So don't worry and don't bother me to explain everything simple detail to you! JUST DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!'

He says that he loves me when he's in a good mood, and if you does something so wrong, his mood instantly changes. And most of the time, he is-

'DON'T YOU DARE TO ARGUE WITH ME!! AND DON"T YOU DARE TO CRY!!' End of conversation and the punishment falls upon...


*prays for a better day*

Quote of the Post
"NO! Don't take my pencil box! Take Ichigo only!! SCREW his head!!"
by B. Cherng

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