Friday, June 13, 2008

Kiri Kanan Squish Squish...

So, We'll gonna order about 80 dozens of donuts... And Green Teaser is OUT OF STOCK!!!


Cool down... I'll try to get it in Subang Parade... No, wait... It's really out of stock EVERYWHERE!!!!


Calm down... We'll have no choice but to replace it with something else for our customer... What to do? Well, that's so much for the donuts....

I also went to marching today!

It was SPLENDID~~~ Our team was WONDERFUL~~ We were PERFECT~~ We synchronized like an Beethoven's BEST ORCHESTRA~~ There's NO FLAWS!! Cherng, wanna noe our tips and strategies?? It's so easy, so simple that everyone can follow!!!

Highlight to see~~ Take only FIVE person in your team... Get it??

Unless you're really retarded (which I might pray for you), you'll know that only 5 marchers, including me of course, turned up... LOL... We phoned Yuet May, and her mum says that she's SLEEPING... God!! Can't you wake up?? She'll get it on Monday... I'll make sure of that...

What annoys me very much is the other two marchers... They look, wait, I'm not sure if looks can tell a not... Whatever... They sound like their throat is stuck with something... They're not SAYING ANYTHING whether when we're marching, stamping, rehat diri or even screaming(Which is critical on that day...)

Urrgggghhh... And the captain's not strict enough... It's not like I want him to be strict, I just hate that the others are not doing what they're SUPPOSE to be doing while I'm trying like hell... Especially when TEAMWORK is essential...

Prom Night is on 12 of Dec... I'll need to have at least 200 if I'm going... A lot says it's a once in a life time... But if you think about it, it's not really worth the trouble... The ticket is 150, EXCLUDING the flashy dress or whatever-you-call-them, transport and maybe entertainment (we might need to entertain ourselves...) *sighs* How?

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