Monday, June 16, 2008


My legs are sored, I feel sleepy, as if my bones were striped away and I didn't get to eat much, not to mention spending $, all because of my participation in Canteen Day... All the donuts were sold, I failed miserably to bring any donuts for the prim apes at home, all I ate was a jelly, mushroom soup from Chrno, peach tea ('introduced' by Kentai-kun) and da bao a herbal egg, and a chocolate chunk (haven taste, no idea what it is...) and the tiramisu chocolate.

Let's count how much I'd spent... Rm2 for choco chunk, 80 sens for herbal egg,
Rm2 for tiramisu, Rm2.50 for mushroom soup, Rm2 for peach tea and another Rm2 for the jelly... In total I'd spent Rm11.30... Selling things actually saves money... It was so unlucky for me to have a sore throat... Why? Mainly is because I slept at 1am for the past few days, some dukus, laichies and durians and wham!! ouch... No more Duren Duren for me... T.T

The whole packaging process was a MESS!! Especially that ALIEN VS PREDATOR~~ We HATE it!!!! Why?? It's soooo damn hard to pack it with a bit of the creamy, sticky chocolate cream dripping here, there and there... It's hard to pack it without getting your fingers to stain any of those 'tentacles'... Now I can fully understand why the name of Alien vs Predator was given to that donut... It means, no matter what, the humans suffer, of getting your fingers sticky and getting fat because of its high calories... My fingers still have the small of chocolates... I expect my keyboard to be conquer by The Order Of The Red Ants real soon...

Before the whole thing starts, those CF got lost in their very own school and claimed that OUR lot was THEIRS!! Stop joking!! In the end, they found out that it was their fault for being hopeless in reading a MAP... They were behind us... And then they even asked to share our lot... Hey! First come first serve! If you want BIGGER space, make it fast!! In the end, they get to use they space behind the longkang... I've also noticed some lions sneaking around our stalls too... When I mean lions, I mean those who are related to Scar... Probably to come and see how we're working, laughing a bit among themselves for how foolish we were and probably thanking god that they didn't have to go through all the mess...

The donuts were really popular~~ We sold every donuts we brought except for the lonely guy who was chunk into the dustbin for dunnoe what reason... (Amen) As for the rootbeers and floats, it was so good that we ran out of cups... I remember telling Juley to buy 250 cups...
And I'm so sorry that you guys missed it... We're giving out free ice cream (uh wait, I think it's only me that gives it to my friends...) to the helpers, Chrno got an extra scoop... Dunnoe whether did he enjoyed it or not... Sore throat!! Cannot eat!!! T.T

Of course, we screamed and yelled also... Where's this donut?? Where's that?? Where can I can find a box? One rootbeer QUICK!! Another float!! Eh? All the still-in-one-piece white box finished already ar?? What?? No more pvc box?? What the hell are those pvc boxes doing down there under the table?? Why are there still so MANY pvc boxes when our donuts are ALL SOLD OUT?? No more cups??

I find having Assembly on CD is damn frustrating... Either they cancel it or held CD on another day... Spending 30 minutes for some stupid lecture is a waste of time... They need to know the law of Time=$$$! For that 30 minutes we can do more!! Our shift plan was messed up as well, we were so busy that we didn't even care to get a treat for ourselves... Just rush, rush and rush! So many humans flooding our stall like that... My eyes were spinning already... Everyone kept rushing here and there and time really flies... It might be the fact that I was facing hundreds of donuts that makes me didn't feel like eating anything or because of all those work simply snuffed my hunger out of my sense...

It's still a wonder I still have my voice... Had my bm tuition this afternoon... Damn sleepy lar... It's really stressful to prepare for CD and help out on CD... But overall, it's really fun and we're a SUCCESS!! I kinda enjoy it, under one condition that doing it ONCE in a life's time only... TANOSHIKATTA desu~~

I ADORES this pic!!! Rollo is soooo KAWAII~~ XDDD *fangirl's scream* Annya, You are Marvelous!!

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