Friday, February 22, 2008


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Yes, success... What IS success exactly? Money? Fame? To me, I think it's the happiness in your life... Imagine a CARE-FREE life of manga, anime, games, figurines, sushi, friends and so on... With all these, what more do you need?

Today, GC & I + Yu Ning 'ponteng' class to attend the '成功学' talk... Presenting David KHOO!! I think that's how he's name was spell, or at least the same sound as ADAM KHOO!! What wrong with the Khoo family? All the successful guys were from there...

5 tips to success:
1. 失败不是成功之母, 检讨成功之母! You get the message, dun you?

2. 过去不等于未来~ Your past is NOT your future! I learned that from TSUBASA!! Thata's what Kuro-daddy said to Fay-mama~~ XDD

3. 我不能,我一定要,我要我一定能! If you can't do it, hten you must do it, If you want, then you CAN!!

4. 没有失败,只有你要不要. There's no failures, it's only whether you want it or not...

And the last one:


Got it? So, with this, can I get STRAIGHT As in SPM?? I WILL OF COURSE!!Um... wait... I think I might fail my chem... *depression attack...* If only it was this easy... Guess it's really time for me to keep away my manga n anime for, ONE sec... Monthly test were thrown to us by those teachers as if they have an unlimited supply of it, while we students, were trying all our might to fig... DODGE actually...

And yeah, That DAVID KHOO came from Cleste's old school - 怡保育才!!He's also the one who made the school build the Taekwando dewan...

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