Sunday, February 10, 2008

Knights Of The ROUNDs


At first, I thought that these names - Lancelot, Arthur, Gawain was given to the characters from Code Geass was just Hitsuzen or because they just like it... But now I know that they actually had a DEEPER meaning... From the latest news of the 2nd season of Code Geass, the Knights of the ROUND-without-table was carried out also!! From the Spoilers it said that the 2nd season will start AFTER ONE-dreading year after the Lulu x Suzaku battle...

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Kaguya - Goddess of Victory
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Euphemia by CLAMP... She looks angelic~~
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A REALLY CRACKING INFO!!! Lelouch and Nunally HAVE an OTOTOU!!!! Name Roro - Rollo Lamperouge ... Weird name... OMG~~ But he doesn't look like them AT ALL... Um.. well, maybe he does look a tiny-winy bit like Nunnally... And why keep his existent a SECRET????!!!!
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OMG~~ I think I'm gonna faint... From other scans, I can somehow see that Lulu knows Rollo, And they're, um... kinda close... Apparently Rollo (confirmed to be Lelouch's younger brother) is living with Lelouch and they get along really well...

  1. How did Lulu knows him??
  2. And how come Rollo's using Marianne's Maiden surname instead of Rollo something-something Britannia??
  3. Where was he when Lulu n Suzaku were battling like hell?
  4. What has he been doing?
  5. Why is Lelouch with his younger brother, when Nunnally has been abducted?
  6. Where did Rollo come from?
  7. Does Lulu knows him all the time?
  8. How did he accept Rollo??
  9. What is Lulu thinking?
  10. Will he protect his BROTHER??? Which I assume, YES...
  11. They're from the same mother I assume judging by his surname... But is Rollo the Emperor's master card??

The existence of Rollo is the biggest mystery in R2

You want prove?? Here ya go... Rollo looks a bit like Suzaku... Maybe Lulu decided to take Rollo as Suzaku's subsitute... But hey~~ That's INCEST... lol Dun they look sweet together?? XDDD
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And here's the angst Suzaku. He seemed to have 'made' some new 'comrades' from the Knights of the Rounds... I dun think he's in the right mood to make new friends... That's normal I guess, cos he'sbeen betrayed by his BEST friend... Can your wound heal so fast? If only both of them can sit down quietly n calmly n discuss, it might not ended up like this... T________T
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I've got a feeling that CLAMP is bringing Yasha-ou from RG Veda into CG...
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Random pic...

Emperor Lelouch~~
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Happy Valentine~~
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Yuffie n Suzaku
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And here's a bad news, for me and those who doesn't STAY in Nihon... It's said that some time during March, some lucky winners-of-I-dunno-what will get to watch the 1st episode of the S2!!! AAARRRRRGGGHHH Me wanna watch~~ ;__________; *hops up and down, stamps foot n screams~~*

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