Saturday, September 19, 2009


I forgot! I can cook pancake too~ :3

Pancake making in process!!! xD

ok... Shape wise and colour wise, I know these look nothing like those serve in the shop or in movie... But these are pancakes to me... :P

Check out the temperature at the lower right corner. It's 25°C!! Wow! Can't believe I'd experience this temperature in my house without the air-con... Just ignore the date, it's not right.

Tell me why am I always hungry?? Is it the weather or lack of sleep that I'm on a hungry-spree mode?

Currently craving for:
Dried Mango - I'm hopeless to it!! :P
Chocolate - Not too much I know...
Pastries - Pies!!!!! Addicted!!

It's the rainy season and it's kinda cold, I need something warm to eat!!!

Right now, I need to make my mum to bring me shopping!!

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