Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Damn it

Just oh-so-freaking angry with myself.

Gah. Can't believe I made such a stupid mistake.

What disturbed me so much that I forgot how to get the Revenue equation??? There goes my aim for scoring a 95 for Math. The only subject I can score that high!!!!!!!!!!!


Must be my dad's fault. Definitely. Making me to do his chart by sacrificing my sleeping time, and scolding mindlessly that I didn't do as I was told when his instruction wasn't clear.

And it seems like we won't be going for the award... If Richards not going, nobody's going, I just don't feel like going alone with all my team mates working for their exams. Where's the teamwork and team spirit??

Let's just hope that we get to wear our new jerseys before on the next match.

I hate accounts. It's at the brink of failing... I don't care about it anymore. Just give me a pass and I'll be contented enough to start singing in the hall.

I'm just so happy to see that Fairy Tail is being animated by the same team who did Valkyria Chronicles. That's another anime going into my list.

Spice & Wolf II is awesome. Lawrence is so Lelouch-ish! Fukuyama Jun really rocks. And Lawrence and Horo are just so cute together!!! Not too lovey-dovey, they're mildly sweet and pleasant in the eye to enjoy. The way Horo treats Lawrence is so C.C.-ish!!! Maybe I can pretend Lelouch didn't die after all, they went to another world and lived happily ever after.

Thank god I'm watching it.
Or else I'd probably continue rambling.

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